CCSD Volunteer Policy Clarification

CCSD Visitor/Volunteer Policy Clarification

January 22, 2023

Dear Parents:

We encourage visitors and volunteers and recognize them as an integral part of our educational program. We want to partner with our families and stakeholders to create a warm, inviting, and safe environment. Visitors and Volunteers are a resource with the capability of expanding the children’s learning experience while providing positive community involvement.

Our school wants to welcome in all parents using appropriate pathways. Please reach out to your child’s teacher to identify the pathways available to visit the school and your child’s classroom. We also seek the participation of all members of the community who have an interest in sharing with the children their own enthusiasm for learning and their own particular area of expertise. 

When a parent is visiting our school, we have provided the following guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety, engagement, and enjoyment. These guidelines are not meant to inconvenience parents; they are to ensure the safety of our children and all members of the school community.

Our procedure for entering the school as a visitor:

o All visitors must show photo identification at the building entrance.

o They will be asked to sign in at the security vestibule and confirm who they have an appointment with.

o Nametags will be made for all visitors.

o The visitor will be escorted to their destination within the school.

o Each visitor is asked to sign out upon their departure of the building.

Defining Visitor and Volunteer Roles:

o School Volunteer – Builds an understanding of school programs among interested citizens and assists employees in providing more individualization and enrichment opportunities in instruction.

School Visitor

o Watches performances or celebrations, attends meetings for students, visits a class to read a story for helps with a classroom activity.


Daniel Brown