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Check out our amazing Students of the Week for 3/17/23.  We are all so proud of them!  Congratulations!



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  • Kent Primary Kindergarten Students Hibernate for the Day

    It was a cozy, fun and educational day for Ms. Tierney and Mrs. Pregno’s kindergarten students at Kent Primary School as they prepared for hibernation – but only for one day, not the full winter!
    As a reward for receiving 300 compliments for good behavior already this year, the students voted on a fun activity to celebrate their achievements. They chose a hibernation day to tie into their recent science lessons on how different animals survive during the winter months.
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  • Honing Math Skills at Kent Primary

    Math Moment: For second-grade students in Mrs. Carlson’s class at Kent Primary School, it was a double-compare subtraction and memory game fun afternoon to hone their subtraction skills. There was not one, but two different games for the students to choose from – double the fun! Read more about the math games and see photos of our students having fun.

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  • Surprise Mystery Readers for Second Grade

    T'was the night before Christmas... y por toda la casa...

    Second-grade students in Mrs. Chase's class at Kent Primary were treated to some surprise guest mystery readers in class this week: the parents of their classmate, Juan. Juan's mom and dad visited the classroom and read the book "The Night Before Christmas" to the students in English and Spanish!

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  • Kent Primary Students Appreciate Navajo Sand Painting

    In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, fourth-grade students in Sarah Bell’s art classes at Kent Primary learned about the significant role sand painting had in the rituals of the Navajo people, one of the largest indigenous tribes native to the southwestern United States. After learning the history and significance of sand paintings, our students created modern interpretations of their own!

    Read more about the history of sand paintings and see our students' creations.

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  • Kent Primary Students Learn the Power of Words

    Fourth-grade students in Andrea Shaver’s class at Kent Primary have been busy learning about our district’s 6C characteristic of Citizenship, as well as personal accountability.
    Using a tube of toothpaste as a learning aid, students each took a turn squeezing the tube’s contents out on paper hearts at their desks. They very quickly learned that once the toothpaste was squeezed out, it was impossible to get it back into the tube – much like words once they are said aloud. Read more about the lesson in action!
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  • Kent Primary Kindergarten Honors September 11

    In honor of September 11, classes district-wide participates in a variety of age-appropriate lessons and spirit day activities recognizing our heroes and first responders, reflecting on patriotism, and paying tribute to those lost during the tragic events of that day.
    Kindergarten students in Mrs. Tierney’s class at Kent Primary learned about the twin towers by reading The Man Who Walked Between The Towers by Mordicai Gerstein. The story recounts the historic event when Philippe Petit, a French man, walked across a tightrope wire strung between the roofs of the twin towers, high above the ground, in August 1974. While the towers are now gone, the memory of Petit’s dramatic stunt live on.
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  • Kent Primary Final Fourth-Grade Dismissal 2022

    The hallways of our buildings may have been quiet during the summer break, but on the last day of school, they were anything but! Our Grade 4 elementary students exited their schools for the final time (in style!) to the cheers and applause of younger students, teachers and families, bound for George Fischer Middle School next year. Watch a video from the final Grade 4 dismissal at Kent Primary School on June 24.

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  • Kindergartners Become Environmental Detectives for a Day

    Before the school year let out, Kent Primary kindergartners put on their scientist hats to search for evidence during a recent science lesson about how animals and plants can change an environment. See photos of our environmental detectives at work!

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  • Music Finale for Kent Primary Fourth-Grade Students

    Kent Primary fourth-graders charmed an audience of parents and families gathered in the cafeteria with a musical concert that they have prepared for all year.  Under the direction of music teacher Juliana Schultz, students sang their way through many songs and showcased their creativity with special dance performances, bucket-drumming and songs played on recorders. See photos and videos from the Kent Primary Grade 4 Music Celebration.

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  • Kent Primary Second-Grade Students Make Too Much Noise

    Lisa Chase’s second-grade students invited parents, guardians and families to see them perform “Too Much Noise!,” a musical that they had rehearsed for several weeks. Read more about the musical and see photos from the performance!

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Upcoming Events

  • George Fischer Middle School LIbrary

    Carmel Parent University

    Join us for Carmel Parent University on March 27, 6 p.m., in the George Fischer Middle School Library!
    Carmel Parent University (CPU) is an inclusive and collaborative meeting series to increase parent/guardian involvement in their children's education.
    Parents/guardians will choose one workshop to attend from the following topics:
    • Pre-Employment Transition Services (for students, ages 14-21, who have an IEP or 504 plan)
    • The Reading League (Literacy K-6)
    • The Dangers of Vaping.
    No registration is required to attend the workshops. Walk-ins are welcome! Additional workshops will be scheduled later this spring.
    For more information or questions, please contact jsimoni@carmelschools.org or lsantaba@carmelschools.org.
    Carmel Central School District
  • George Fischer Middle School

    NYSSMA Festival : Majors Instrument

    CCSD is hosting the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) Majors Instrument Festival event for Zone 10. 

    Carmel Central School District
  • George Fischer Middle School

    NYSSMA Festival: Majors Chorale

    CCSD is hosting the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) Majors Chorale Festival event for Zone 10. 

    Carmel Central School District
  • Kent Library

    KPS Youth Art Display

    Student work will be on display at the Kent Library through the month of April.  

    Kent Primary School
  • Spring Recess

    Schools Closed

    Carmel Central School District
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Kent Primary School Mission Statement

We are a community that is dedicated to developing and inspiring children to be their best selves in all aspects of their lives.

Who We Are:
We are a cohesive community of professionals with a strong sense of family that possess, celebrate and share our unique and individual strengths. We share a common focus to help, facilitate and encourage young minds to grow and fulfill their potential. As facilitators of learning, we utilize a multitude of resources to model and promote these desired outcomes. A strong cohesive community.

What We Do:
As an academic institution we contribute to the development of minds through inspiring children to create and pursue their own goals and objectives. We accomplish this by creating a welcoming, nurturing and trusting environment for all that empowers children to work alongside their peers, regardless of limitations, ultimately becoming independent lifelong learners.  Foster personal and academic growth.

Who We Do It For:
Our service is focused on the children who will develop a solid foundation of skills, knowledge and values, maximizing their individual potential along the way. This will in turn contribute to the perpetual improvement of society. Our children.

Why We Do It:
As we practice our deep commitment to learning, we accept the roles we fulfill because we understand that children require a safe, positive environment in which to develop into self-motivated and socially appropriate adults. We realize that fulfilling these responsibilities has an even greater benefit to all of us as a growing and ever evolving global community. To inspire children to be their best in all aspects of their lives