Mr. Brown's Weekly Update:

September 24, 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Thank you for another amazing week of school!  The students appear to be adjusting to the established school routines.  Thank you for reviewing and reinforcing the expectations we hold for all students.  😊  We are truly off to a very positive start to the new year.

School Highlights

  • Each week, you can check out our Superstar Students of the Week! We are so proud of these children for being SAFE, RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIBLE!  We did not select new students this past week due to the short week.  If you did not get a chance to check out our amazing students from last week just to the right. 
  • As a part of our study of the 6Cs, we will be studying Citizenship through the month of September. All classroom teachers will provide a shared reading experience using What Can A Citizen Do?, by Dave Egger.  Click on the title of the book to check it out so that you can discuss it with your child.
  • September 15 – October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month. This month-long celebration provides time to properly recognize the significant contributions Hispanic/Latino Americans have made in the United States. Our students will be participating in activities throughout the month with their classroom teachers and special area teachers.  Please ask your children about the activities that they are participating in.   
  • To adequately prepare for emergency dismissals, it is necessary for ALL parents to complete the emergency dismissal forms that your child’s teacher sent home. One form must be completed for EACH child.  If you have not submitted your form(s), please due so no later than Monday, September 25, 2023.
  • All parents should have completed the Returning Student Information Update. If this has not been completed, please complete it no later than Monday, September 25, 2023.  Except for Kindergarten, all students must have this completed for them every year (Kindergarten does NOT need to do this).  This is how we ensure that all information is correct.  This is very important because contact information will often change, leaving us unable to reach parents in an emergency.  CLICK HERE to navigate directly to the page.


Upcoming Events


September 27

KPS PTO Open Meeting for Parents – KPS Cafeteria 9:30AM

September 28

Smile 😊 KPS Picture Day

October 5

Emergency Dismissal Drill

October 5

No School K-6 – Professional Development

October 9

No School – Columbus Day

October 10 – 12

KPS PTO Book Fair

October 13

Smile 😊 KPS Picture Retake Day

October 13

KPS Flu Clinic


Helpful Information

  • In the interest of promoting digital safety, please visit this link BeAppSavvy.  This is just a reminder that this resource is out there, and it promotes parents’ knowledge and digital safety for our students.
  • The district has implemented the Anonymous Alerts systemStudents or parents in the school community can anonymously submit any suspicious activity, bullying or other student related issues to a school administrator(s). 
  • Our District Calendar at a Glance provides information on planned school recesses, early dismissals, report card conferences and calendar changes due to snow days. This important resource should be kept handy throughout the year! See the Board-approved calendar at a glance for the 2023-24 school year.
  • To place money on your child’s cafeteria account, please visit the Myschoolbucks page.
  • Application for Free and Reduced-Price School Meals. Applications for free and reduced price school meals are available on the Food Services Department webpage
  • Morning Drop-off – Please remember, drop off begins at 8:50 AM.  Please don’t arrive early to avoid congestion and backups in the driveway. 
  • Afternoon Pick-up – Begins at 3:15 in the cafeteria. PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR ID. 
  • KPS Website – Please monitor the KPS website for important information. You can access the website at Home Page - Kent Primary School (
  • Please contact the PTO at to be added to their mailing list.
  • Please review our procedures for volunteers and visitors posted in the Quick Links section of the KPS Homepage: Volunteer Policy Clarification
  • Please review our attendance policy clarification posted in the Quick Links section of the KPS Home Page Attendance Policy Clarification

I hope you have an amazing week.

Dan Brown

Latest KPS Headlines

  • Kindergarten Class Celebrates the End of the Year

    What is one of the best ways to end an amazing first year of elementary school? With a picnic, of course!

    Kent Primary's youngest class celebrated the end of their kindergarten year in style with a special gathering with their parents/guardians and families. First grade, here they come!

    See photos from the kindergarten picnic.

    Kent Primary School News
  • Fond Final Music Performance for Fourth Grade

    In their final performance as Kent Primary Eagles, fourth-grade students sang their hearts out for parents, families and special guests with an amazing set list of songs.

    See photos and a video compilation from the performance.

    Kent Primary School News
  • Kent Primary School Field Day 2023

    Giant slingshots & Relay Races. Water games & Tug-o-War. A fun-filled day.
    Kent Primary students enjoyed beautiful weather, outdoor activities and friendly competition at this year's Field Day and the proof is in the photos from the day!
    Kent Primary School News
  • Kent Primary Second Graders Share Life Lessons through Song

    Sing a song of Aesop and learn a thing or two! 

    Second-grade students in Lisa Chase’s class at Kent Primary School brought the legendary fables of Aesop to life in front of a sizeable crowd of parents and family members to teach meaningful and timely life morals.

    Read the full story and see more photos from the performance!

    Kent Primary School News
  • Kent Primary Students Learn the Magic of Respect and Empathy

    For Kent Primary School students, magic was in the air at a recent character-building assembly focused on taking pride in their actions and their character. Through the illusion and wonders of a guest magician sponsored by the school’s Parent Teacher Organization, the magic assembly, designed to promote respect, responsibility, independence, determination and empathy, had students smiling, laughing, thinking, and celebrating their own character strengths.

    Using different magic tricks and optical illusions, magician Robert McEntee created a positive and fun environment in which students learned that their behaviors are connected to results and that there is an important distinction between laughing with – but never at – someone.

    Read the full story and see more photos from the magic assembly!

    Kent Primary School News
  • Creative Kindergarten Flower Art

    April showers brought many May flowers! 

    Kindergarten students in Ms. Bell’s art classes created sweet watercolor flowers in mosaic vases in time for Mother’s Day earlier this month to celebrate someone special in their lives.

    See more watercolor flower art by our students.

    Kent Primary School News
  • Kent Primary Kindergarten Students Hibernate for the Day

    It was a cozy, fun and educational day for Ms. Tierney and Mrs. Pregno’s kindergarten students at Kent Primary School as they prepared for hibernation – but only for one day, not the full winter!
    As a reward for receiving 300 compliments for good behavior already this year, the students voted on a fun activity to celebrate their achievements. They chose a hibernation day to tie into their recent science lessons on how different animals survive during the winter months.
    Kent Primary School News
  • Honing Math Skills at Kent Primary

    Math Moment: For second-grade students in Mrs. Carlson’s class at Kent Primary School, it was a double-compare subtraction and memory game fun afternoon to hone their subtraction skills. There was not one, but two different games for the students to choose from – double the fun! Read more about the math games and see photos of our students having fun.

    Kent Primary School News
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Upcoming Events

  • Yom Kippur

    Schools will be closed; Administrative Office will be open.

    Carmel Central School District
  • KPS PTO Open Meeting 9:30AM-10:30Am, KPS Cafeteria

    Kent Primary School
  • KPS Picture Day Gymnasium 9AM-3:30PM

    Kent Primary School
  • Early Dismissal Drill - All Schools

    All schools will be dismissed 15 minutes earlier than the regular dismissal time in order to test the early dismissal response of the Emergency Management Plan.

    Carmel Central School District
  • No School K-6 - Professional Development

    Kent Primary School
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Kent Primary School Mission Statement

We are a community that is dedicated to developing and inspiring children to be their best selves in all aspects of their lives.

Who We Are:
We are a cohesive community of professionals with a strong sense of family that possess, celebrate and share our unique and individual strengths. We share a common focus to help, facilitate and encourage young minds to grow and fulfill their potential. As facilitators of learning, we utilize a multitude of resources to model and promote these desired outcomes. A strong cohesive community.

What We Do:
As an academic institution we contribute to the development of minds through inspiring children to create and pursue their own goals and objectives. We accomplish this by creating a welcoming, nurturing and trusting environment for all that empowers children to work alongside their peers, regardless of limitations, ultimately becoming independent lifelong learners.  Foster personal and academic growth.

Who We Do It For:
Our service is focused on the children who will develop a solid foundation of skills, knowledge and values, maximizing their individual potential along the way. This will in turn contribute to the perpetual improvement of society. Our children.

Why We Do It:
As we practice our deep commitment to learning, we accept the roles we fulfill because we understand that children require a safe, positive environment in which to develop into self-motivated and socially appropriate adults. We realize that fulfilling these responsibilities has an even greater benefit to all of us as a growing and ever evolving global community. To inspire children to be their best in all aspects of their lives