Introduction from Principal Fino

July 2nd, 2024

Dear KPS Community, 

I hope that our students and families are enjoying a relaxing and fun summer break. 

I am writing to introduce myself and let you know how happy I am to continue my commitment to the Carmel Central School District as Principal of Kent Primary School. 

To share a little bit about my background, I have spent the last two and a half years as the Assistant Principal of Carmel High School. Prior to that, I was Assistant Principal at F.D. Roosevelt High School in Hyde Park, NY. Before becoming a school administrator, I was an 8th grade English Teacher at Valley Central Middle School in Montgomery, NY. 

I look forward to working with our KPS students, staff, parents, and the community to create a school environment where all students feel safe, comfortable, and supported. 

We will continue to provide opportunities for every student to succeed academically, foster their personal, social, and emotional growth, and maximize their potential. 

Later this summer, I will be in touch via ParentSquare with more information regarding the start of the 2024 – 2025 school year. 

I am positive that our continued partnership will help make the 2024-2025 school year the best year ever for our students! 

Enjoy the rest of your summer and stay cool! 


Vincent Fino 

KPS Principal

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Latest KPS Headlines

  • Introducing Carmel's New Superintendent of Schools

    On July 1, Erin Meehan-Fairben, Ed.D.  will take over as the Carmel Central School District's new Superintendent of Schools. Dr. Fairben, who brings a wealth of experience, a proven track record of educational leadership and a deep commitment to student success, was appointed by the Board of Education in February.

    Dr. Fairben has been an educator for 32 years. She has taught at elementary, middle and high school as well as college-level courses for aspiring educators at SUNY Brockport, St. John Fisher, and Hobart and William Smith colleges.  She has held various leadership roles at both the building and district level including Assistant Principal, Principal, Director of Pupil Personnel Services and Special Programs, Superintendent of the NYS School for the Blind, Director of P16, Assistant Superintendent and most recently as an Associate Superintendent at the Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES. Throughout her career, Dr. Fairben has worked tirelessly to support all students and has expanded educational opportunities for students through collaboration, effective communication, and visionary leadership.  Dr. Fairben brings with her decades of leadership experience in building strong relationships with her staff and community.   

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  • The Revolution at Kent Primary School

    Fourth graders at Kent Primary School learned about the Revolutionary War by participating in a drill with tri-corner hats, muskets, marching and more. Colonial and Revolutionary history are part of the fourth grade curriculum and George Fischer Middle School Social Studies Teacher Keith Reilly and Carmel High School History Teacher Rob Buccheri came to the school to help the Kent Primary teachers bring the history to life for the youngsters.   KES Fourth Grade Teacher Cathleen Rossetti organized the event and GFMS Reading Teacher Denise Santalis took the photos.

    Kent Primary School News
  • All Roads Lead to Carmel

    In the spirit of “One Carmel” Kent Primary School Principal Dan Brown sent home a survey this winter asking parents about their families’ heritage.  

    The survey was optional, of course, but almost 200 parents gladly answered.  

    “In America, most of us hail from somewhere else,” Principal Brown said. “Here at Kent Primary, we have a very diverse student body, and we want to celebrate that.”  

    When the results came in, Italy and Ireland were listed as parents’ homelands most often. A total of 71 parents (29 moms/42 dads) cited Italian as their heritage, while 42 parents (25 moms/17 dads) said their families traced their roots to Ireland. In all there were more than 60 countries – from Albania to Uzbekistan – represented.  

    After talking about their heritage, students throughout the school made flags of the country that their families emigrated from.  

    Art Teacher Sophie Bolla created a map with lines from countries across the globe all leading to Carmel.  

    The map now hangs in the front lobby for all to see.  

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  • Recognizing Musical Talent

    At its May 7 meeting, the Carmel Board of Education recognized music students throughout the district who were selected for the All County and Honors ensembles. The Carmel Central School District Music Department has so much to be proud of each year. 

    “This year, we had over 50 students perform in Area All State,” said Music Department Chair Meghan Cabral. “We also had students perform with New York State School Music Association's All State festival and the New York State Band Directors' Association honor bands. Our George Fischer Middle School students stood out at the Putnam County Music Educators' Association all county festivals, too. This year we had over 70 students accepted! Each year we also have students earn Excellent and Outstanding ratings at the NYSSMA solo festival.”   
    Carmel Schools have been recognized as one of the best communities for music education by the National Association of Music Merchants’ (NaMM) for seven years running.   

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  • Celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage

    When a video of a young hula dancer played on the white board in Allison Keating’s classroom, some first graders caught their breath.  

    “She’s just a little girl,” Eva, who is six years old, said. “How does she know how to do that?”  

    Juliane, a classmate, quickly piped up.  

    “She’s not a little girl,” said Juliane, who is seven. “She might be six or seven years old or something.” 

    Soon the six and seven-year-olds in Kent Primary School’s four first grade classes were waving their arms, tapping their feet and doing their own hula dances. 

    The children celebrated Asian American Pacific Islander Month by dancing a Hawaiian hula, drawing Japanese cherry trees, cutting out and coloring Birds of Paradise from Papua New Guinea and creating masks of Chinese dragons. 

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  • See Student Art Throughout the Community

    Art created by Carmel Central School District students will be on display at multiple locations around the community during Youth Art Month in March. The Annual Youth Art Month Student Exhibit is sponsored by the Carmel/Kent Chamber of Commerce. 

    “We have about 120 students represented this year,” said Christine Wisniewski, the district’s Art Department chair. “They have created work in ceramics, graphics, drawing, painting and mixed media.”  

    The student work is on display at Kent Town Hall, Patterson Town Hall, Carmel Town Hall, Putnam Hospital, Meadowlands of Carmel, Kent Public Library, Patterson Library and more. The Chamber of Commerce will judge the show and announce awards in April.  

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  • See Video of Carmel Schools' New Reading Program, CKLA

    The Carmel Central School District implemented a new reading program districtwide in the 2023-2024 school year. Watch this video to hear what students and teachers have to say about the Core Knowledge Language Arts, or CKLA, reading program. 

    See Video Here 

    District News
  • Athletes Inspire Next Generation at Kent Primary


    More than three dozen female athletes from Carmel High School visited the district’s three elementary schools on National Girls and Women in Sports Day on February 7 to show the youngsters the value of sports.  

    First graders from Daina Sinclair and Corinne Phillips classes rushed to have the athletes guide them through the gymnastics course that was set up in the gym. 

    “The athletes who came all volunteered,” Carmel’s Athletic Director Christopher Salumn said. “It is a chance to bring awareness to female sports and all the opportunities they will have to participate when they get older.”  

    Ayva Rivard, a golfer, said she was happy to work with the youngsters. 

    “We are excited to be here and to give back to the schools,” Ayva said. “It’s a great opportunity to show girls here that they can be equal to boys in sports.”  

    Katie Ross, a junior who plays lacrosse, tried to convince a group of first graders – boys and girls – that they should take up her sport.  

    “You should all play lacrosse,” Katie said. “It’s the best game.”  

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Kent Primary School Mission Statement

We are a community that is dedicated to developing and inspiring children to be their best selves in all aspects of their lives.

Who We Are:
We are a cohesive community of professionals with a strong sense of family that possess, celebrate and share our unique and individual strengths. We share a common focus to help, facilitate and encourage young minds to grow and fulfill their potential. As facilitators of learning, we utilize a multitude of resources to model and promote these desired outcomes. A strong cohesive community.

What We Do:
As an academic institution we contribute to the development of minds through inspiring children to create and pursue their own goals and objectives. We accomplish this by creating a welcoming, nurturing and trusting environment for all that empowers children to work alongside their peers, regardless of limitations, ultimately becoming independent lifelong learners.  Foster personal and academic growth.

Who We Do It For:
Our service is focused on the children who will develop a solid foundation of skills, knowledge and values, maximizing their individual potential along the way. This will in turn contribute to the perpetual improvement of society. Our children.

Why We Do It:
As we practice our deep commitment to learning, we accept the roles we fulfill because we understand that children require a safe, positive environment in which to develop into self-motivated and socially appropriate adults. We realize that fulfilling these responsibilities has an even greater benefit to all of us as a growing and ever evolving global community. To inspire children to be their best in all aspects of their lives